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Mark Levin featuring Lara Logan, “Finally, I’m not alone”

Sit back and enter the world of one of the most badass women to ever grace the news world for an amazing compilation of stories. - Mike Ritland

Lara Logan joined CBS News in 2002 and had been one of the unit’s top foreign correspondents. Logan's last appearance was in May of 2018, doing a segment for “60 Minutes” about poachers slaughtering rhinoceros in South Africa.

Lara Logan, the journalist who gained wider renown covering war-torn spots in the Middle East for CBS News, is no longer with the network and has not been for several months.

Most Media Outlets Skew Liberal Bias

"Logan has reported from around the world and joined CBS News after stints as a freelance producer and reporter for multiple news outlets.

She cut a mesmerizing figure at CBS – a woman who was eager to go to scenes of conflict, often under duress. Despite her reputation, however, Logan’s tenure with CBS News had rocky spots.

In 2011, she was attacked and sexually assaulted by a crowd of men while she was covering celebrations in Egypt related to the departure of former Egyptian leader Hosni Mubarak. Logan was hospitalized for four days upon her return to the United States and discussed the incident on the air for CBS News."
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Mike Ritland - Highlights of  Lara Logan's Life

"As you’ve never heard or seen her before, she shares her amazing journey and career as a world-renowned journalist for some of the biggest news agencies in the world, in some of the most dangerous places on earth."

The bravery and courage she shows in this extreme interview, Lara Logan shares totally insane details of being in war zones as well as being sexually assaulted in Egypt are impossible to overstate.

We Love You. Heart-Breaking Segment about the Holocaust

Father Patrick Desbois has devoted his life to researching the Holocaust, fighting anti-Semitism, and furthering relations between Catholics and Jews. One priest searches to uncover the unknown victims of the Holocaust. Lara Logan reports.

Fox News, Support the Yazidis, Hire Lara Logan!

"What makes this book so powerful are the details—meticulously gathered in person by Father Patrick Desbois and his chief investigator, Costel Nastasie. They are a formidable team with no equal in this field and, perhaps more importantly, no agenda.

Through their extraordinary commitment, experience, and precise investigative techniques, they offer us all a rare opportunity to go inside the minds and the machinery of ISIS, whose extremist ideology still threatens us all. The insight they offer is unique—and terrifying. If you read only one book on this subject, it should be this one.”—Lara Logan, 60 Minutes, Amazon Review

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