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Bye Bye Biden

Can you believe the b.s. germinating from Hanoi Biden. In one of his best commentaries, Styx unveils the insanity of Butthead Biden aka Hanoi Biden. Let’s not forget the turkeys that voted for him. Do we have to listen to them gobble at the next family gathering on Thanksgiving Day? Full […]

Star Trek DS9. Season 2, Episode 15.
Featured Flaming Liberal

Voters in America must demand a FAIRLY ADJUDICATED VOTER 2020 RECOUNT

The Democratic Party is Making a Pre-Emptive Political Strike against all Americans The leaders of the Democratic Party, like fake Nancy Pelosi and stupid U.S. Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez are conducting a pre-emptive strike to take away our freedom and instill their insanely concocted political agenda on America. They are claiming […]