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What is a Flaming Liberal?

A flaming liberal is like a flaming conservative. We have something in common - we love freedom. Let Freedom Ring!

A flaming liberal is not a progressive liberal or socialist democrat. We are not basket-case whiners either. In fact, we are closer to resembling bleeding hearts that are possessed with a great passion for celebrating our humanity.

Malibu DanceFlaming liberals are tolerant about other beliefs. We respect human rights. We make small choices like treating people with dignity and respect so that everyone can enjoy graceful lives.

Let's band together and provide solutions, regardless of any political affiliations.

Along with such independence comes responsibility. The more responsibility, the less need for interference from governance, corporation games and egotistical zealots.

After World War II, Malibu became the epicenter of the counter culture movement.

Along the California coastline, casual surfers introduced non-traditional living which contributed to culture clashes and civil rights in the 1960s.

Malibu Beach Camp FireHollywood began glamorizing a fresh California culture the world had never experienced before.

Yes, the Beatles shook the world. They would be joined by the Beach Boys, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Grace Slick, and a non-egocentric lifestyle.

Top it off with Walt Disney and people soon discovered that dreams could indeed come true. (Martin Luther King)

Flaming liberals believe individuals should ponder their own truths and always consider, fairly and open-mindedly, the truths of others. Flaming liberals are skeptical of censorship. We thrive in free and open debate.

Flaming liberals believe individuals and groups of any size should be respectful of our differences and practice tolerance.

What Converted Us to be Flaming Liberals?

For us, the odyssey began with conversations between fraternity brothers, sorority sisters, and locals at Zuma Beach while attending Pepperdine University, Malibu. Pepperdine is a private university affiliated with the Churches of Christ.

Newport Rhode Island

Visit Newport, Rhode Island, it's the same feeling.
A historic treasure trove.
Yes! There are beautiful places on this planet.
We are fortunate to live in a world of abundance.

Pepperdine sits on a hill blessed by the most beautiful scenery in the world. The California sunshine infused by "Mediterranean weather" is breathtaking.

Malibu Beach Sunset Bonfire

Surrounded by the most creative people, there were moments of combustion when flaming liberals and flaming conservatives represented as students, celebrities, and beach-dwellers mingled with plenty of food, refreshments, and music to openly discuss politics. Our memorable conversations transpired constructively.

During the '70s and '80s, this was the era of the Eagles, Linda Ronstadt, Alabama, 38 Special, Earth, Wind and Fire, the Go-Gos and Dave Mason.

In those days, everyone would lower the volume, huddle around a bonfire, and quietly listen to the original beach-dwellers of post World War II and Vietnam.

Malibu, the true freakin' liberals - it turns out - didn't make any sense until many years later. They despised interference about their lifestyles from any angle. But they respected people and nature, and in that order.

"And there are bigger commitments, like taking the time to show a sincere interest in their lives - to the point of expressing authentic appreciation of their children and blessing mother nature." (modified but taken in the same context, Adam Grant, foreword to Bill Campbell, "Trillion Dollar Coach," 2019)

Mainstream Liberals have Lost their Way,
Said Goodbye to Yesterday

Bon Jovi

Malibu Beach JoyMainstream liberals have lost their charm. They have forgotten their roots.

Please, bring it back!

During 2006, several events occurred to stir the imagination of this writer. Conservative talk radio hosts such as Dr. Michael Savage slowly emerged to dominate the radio waves.

A truly memorable article was saved for many years. It is our cornerstone post for Flaming Liberal. It was written by Jonathan Cohen for American Thinker.

"What Does a Liberal Believe?"

Not to be outdone, shock jock Howard Stern was one of the few to remain at his post and accurately report September 11th.

He must be commended for having the guts to stay on the radio as millions listened to him dutifully report the news that fateful day.

Let's just say that Democrats and Republicans are both to blame for our current political diatribes. The entire world has suffered as a result.

To surmise, generations are being wasted by their political intransigence, stupidity, patronage, and buffoonery.

Open Minds - Open Hearts

Flaming Liberal is an open-minded blog which strives to encourage constructive discussion and comments. We're not interested in emotional tirades or manipulative con artists.

Why do we stick our head in politics? Maybe it's because it's better than putting it in the sand. A person gets involved in politics whenever a second person enters a conversation. To disavow any interest in a relationship is feigning ignorance to avoid stress for essential conversation.

Do you agree 100% with the Democrats? Do you agree 100% with the Republicans? Are there bits and pieces from both groups that, if discussed in non-political terms, could produce better solutions?

Why are we stuck in black and white?

The members at Flaming Liberal believe, after many decades, that we are smarter than that. We must stop acting color blind. Said another way, there are always "fifty shades of gray."

Why do we keep playing as fools to  2-bit politicians?

  1. We keep voting for them!
  2. No one takes the time to hold them accountable!
  3. We don't have a logical method to shut up mainstream media.
  4. Constrain them to report the news.
  5. We should formulate our own opinions.

We want to define the term, "Flaming Liberal" under a new paradigm. Let us address current events that demand constructive discussions and comments.

The best way to prove your point is to provide evidence and facts to "rest your case."

Catch a Wave and Surf on Top of the World 

60 Years of Surf Culture in Malibu - Men's Journal

In 2009, Jefferson Wagner, or “Zuma Jay,” was elected as Malibu's Mayor. He is still selling surfboards in Malibu!

Malibu SurferToday, a resurgence of traditional surfing hits Malibu.

Young surfers have returned. They are using longboards again. Malibu reclaims its throne as the best longboard surf spot.

Malibu’s beaches are a haven for beginner surfers. The vibe becomes a throwback to the fun-loving '60s.

Malibu Surfers

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