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Can Senator Ben Sasse Really Drain the Swamp?

Will Senator Ben Sasse Leave the Republican Party to become an independent?

According to Republican Sen. Ben Sasse of Nebraska drew national headlines last weekend after candidly replying to a tweet from a newly independent voter asking whether he, too, would consider leaving his party.

“Yep — regularly consider it,” he said.

On Sunday, he told CNN’s Jake Tapper: “The main thing that the Democrats are for is being anti-Republican and anti-Trump, and the main thing Republicans are for is being anti-Democrat and anti-CNN. And neither of these things are really worth getting out of bed in the morning for.”

Sen. Ben Sasse unloads on Congress at Kavanaugh hearing

Fox News, "Republican senator from Nebraska says Congress too often punts its power to the executive branch to avoid taking responsibility and promote reelection."

Stacey Shiflett

"In less than 12 minutes, Sasse described the reason DC has become a swamp. Term limits would stop a large percentage of this debacle. I’d vote for this man tomorrow if I could. Brilliant and articulate. Didn’t even need his notes. This man knows what he is talking about and better yet, he really believes it. Refreshing!"

Chadd Lindsay

I wholeheartedly applaud Sen. Sasse. He hit the nail on the head with his statement. His political career is most likely in jeopardy by the left and probably from some on the right too. I am sure he will be blacklisted now cause he told the truth, for the PUBLIC record, and I am sure it pissed off a lot of his co-workers. Brought a glowing light to the dis-function of our government, and exactly why it is dis-functional... from an insider that knows. Not to mention it was not a Dem vs. Repub pointing my finger at the other side cause it's their fault. He blamed EVERYONE and rightfully so.

Analyzing the senator's ethics reform package.

Senator Ben Sasse has introduced five reforms but the good-government ambitions suggest that Sasse won’t have much more success than his predecessors extending lobbying limitations.

However, he brings fresh ideas to the table. He is charging in direct response to specific people and events, without regard to partisan affiliation.

They are the work of a sharp-tongued ombudsman.

The open and frank discussion that builds on constructive logic may persuade voters to fight back against Republican and Democratic malefactors alike.

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